Harnessing the Power of Technology and AI in Small Businesses: An Examination of Share Chain’s Approach

by | Jun 5, 2023 | AI Technology

In the modern world, technology has become a fundamental cornerstone of success across industries. For small business owners, the potential of technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), is vast and transformative. AI can significantly contribute to business goals, shaping how small businesses operate, compete, and innovate. One intriguing case study of this comes from Share Chain, a company that plans to use AI to assess the success rate of litigation claims based on past court judgments and legislation.

The Promise of AI for Small Businesses

AI can take the forms of machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, and more. It can deliver a range of benefits to small businesses, including cost efficiency, improved decision-making, enhanced customer experiences, and the automation of routine tasks.

Small businesses can leverage AI tools for various tasks such as market research, predictive analysis, inventory management, and customer service. It can also assist in marketing efforts, helping businesses understand their audience better and create more personalised customer experiences.

Share Chain’s AI Approach

Share Chain is taking a unique approach to the implementation of AI. It plans to harness AI’s predictive capabilities to assess the success rate of litigation claims based on historical data from past court judgments and legislation. This initiative can significantly reshape how law-related businesses or departments work.

The AI system can analyse past legal cases, taking into consideration the circumstances of each case, the applied legislation, and the resulting judgment. This data-driven approach can provide invaluable insights, predicting the potential outcome of new litigation claims. The decision to pursue a particular case can be made more strategically, potentially saving time and money.

This application of AI technology is not just about automation but also about enhancing human capabilities and decision-making. It allows the professionals in the firm to focus on more complex tasks while the AI handles data analysis and predictions.

Leveraging AI in Your Small Business

While Share Chain’s application is quite specialised, there are broader lessons that small businesses can take from their approach.

  1. Identify Relevant Data: Identify the data that could drive better decisions in your business. Share Chain uses past court judgments and legislation, but your business might use sales data, customer feedback, social media interactions, or other relevant information.
  2. Utilise Predictive Analysis: AI can help anticipate future trends or results based on historical data. For Share Chain, it’s predicting the success of litigation claims. For other businesses, it could be predicting sales trends, customer behavior, or market changes.
  3. Automation of Routine Tasks: Free up time for your team by automating routine tasks. For Share Chain, this means automating the process of assessing litigation claims. For you, it might mean automating customer service responses, inventory management, or data entry.
  4. Improve Decision Making: Use AI to provide insights that help you make more informed decisions. Share Chain uses AI to decide which cases are worth pursuing. In your business, AI might help you decide where to spend marketing dollars, when to hire new employees, or how to prioritise product development.
  5. Enhance Customer Experience: AI can be used to tailor the customer experience, making interactions more personalised and efficient. While this might not directly apply to Share Chain’s use case, it’s a powerful application for many small businesses.

In summary, Share Chain’s use of AI to drive business goals presents an inspiring blueprint for other small businesses. By harnessing AI’s power and applying it strategically to specific business needs, small business owners can tap into a level of efficiency and insight that was previously only accessible to much larger organisations. Whether it’s through predictive analysis, automation, or improved decision-making, the future of small business is undeniably intertwined with the advancement of AI technology.

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Mona Chiha


Mona is the founder and CEO of Share Chain. She brings a wealth of experience from years in the fintech industry.