Discount Offer for Pioneers

Expression of Intent

We are pleased to submit this non-binding Expression of Interest (EOI) confirming our serious interest in subscribing to Juristechne’s AI litigation analytics software service.

Subject to final due diligence and approvals, we intend to subscribe for the number of estimated users as entered in the form below.

Users are at the standard pricing of AUD$280 per user per month.

As an early adopter of this innovative technology, we would receive a 30% discount on the subscription fees for the first eight months of our initial 12-month subscription term AND exclusive usage rights of the early adopters cohort for 3 months.

We understand Juristechne’s software leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities to analyse legal precedent, evidence, prior outcomes and other data to assist lawyers in evaluating the likely success of potential cases.

This aligns strongly with our firm’s desire to incorporate the latest technology into our legal services.

We understand that this EOI is not a legally binding agreement and that the final terms of the subscription will be negotiated and executed by both parties.

We look forward to using Juristechne’s innovative AI litigation analytics solution.