General Benefits

JurisTechne introduces an AI-driven platform designed to revolutionise the legal profession by providing insights into litigation probabilities, valuation of claims, and other critical particulars structured akin to court judgments. This assessment explores how JurisTechne adheres to the NSW Government’s AI Assurance Framework, emphasising the sustainable and ethical development of AI solutions in the legal sector.


Ethical AI Use

JurisTechne’s Commitment
Demonstrates a rigorous approach to developing unbiased algorithms, ensuring fairness and transparency. Through continuous assessment and refinement, the platform strives to eliminate potential biases, aligning with the ethical AI use advocated by the NSW Framework.

Benefit to Community 
Offers an equitable solution to legal professionals and claimants, enhancing access to justice and ensuring fair assessments of litigation probabilities and claim valuations.

Customer and Community Focus

User-Centric Design 
Incorporates extensive consultation with legal professionals to ensure the platform meets the nuanced needs of its users. This approach aligns with the Framework’s emphasis on delivering outcomes that benefit customers and the community.

Accessibility and Usability 
Ensures that the technology is accessible to a wide range of users, from large law firms to individual legal practitioners, promoting inclusivity within the legal profession.

Privacy and Security

Data Protection 
Adheres to the highest standards of data privacy and cybersecurity, ensuring sensitive legal information is safeguarded. This commitment mirrors the Framework’s requirements for robust data protection measures in AI systems.

De-identification of Data 
Implements advanced techniques to de-identify personal information before analysis, minimising privacy risks and enhancing security.

Transparency and Explainability

Transparent Algorithms 
Provides users with clear explanations of how AI-generated insights are derived, promoting transparency and trust in AI-driven legal assessments.

Engagement with Legal Community
Encourages feedback from the legal profession to continually refine and improve the platform, fostering a transparent development process.


Minimising Environmental Impact 
Emphasises the development of energy-efficient AI processing methods to minimise the ecological footprint, aligning with broader societal goals towards sustainability.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Engagement with Academia and Industry 
Fosters innovation and ensures compliance with legal and ethical standards by collaborating with academic institutions, industry experts, and regulatory bodies.

JurisTechne represents a pioneering approach to integrating AI within the legal sector, adhering to the principles outlined in the NSW Government AI Assurance Framework. By prioritising ethical AI use, customer focus, stringent data protection, transparency, and sustainability, JurisTechne sets a benchmark for responsible and innovative AI development in the legal technology landscape.

This general benefits assessment underscores JurisTechne’s alignment with the NSW Government’s vision for ethical, sustainable, and community-focused AI applications, positioning it as a leader in the legal tech sector and a model for future AI-driven solutions.