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JurisTechne Lady Justice

Founded on the principles of innovation and efficiency, JurisTechne is a pioneering legal tech startup dedicated to revolutionising the legal research process and case outcome insights through advanced AI technology. Our platform is designed to streamline information management, offering legal professionals swift, accurate, and accessible legal insights. With a commitment to ethical and responsible AI use, JurisTechne is not just transforming legal workflows but is also setting new standards in the legal tech industry.


Innovative AI Technology

JurisTechne’s platform utilizes cutting-edge AI technology, to analyse and evaluate claims submitted by law firms. This provides faster and more accurate assessments of claim viability, reducing the time and costs.

Access to Legal Databases

JurisTechne’s platform integrates with various legal databases, providing a comprehensive view of the legal landscape. This allows JurisTechne to access legal precedent and resources relevant to each claim and make more informed and data-driven funding decisions.

Ethical Lending

Phase 2: JurisTechne is committed to supporting ethical lending practices and will provide (at a later date) access to litigation funders who provide diversified funding opportunities for investors seeking to support victims of crime or negligence. This aligns with JurisTechne’s vision of creating a positive impact on society and setting a new standard for the litigation funding industry.

Litigation Fund

Phase 2: JurisTechne’s offers Litigation Funders access to the application to provide their investors with the opportunity to potentially earn financial returns while also supporting victims of crime or negligence. These unique funders offer a virtuous approach to funding, where investors can pursue both financial gains and social responsibility. (To be launched at a later date).

Streamlined Claims Processing

JurisTechne’s platform empowers law firms to manage their process claims quickly and fairly. By providing a more efficient and transparent claims processing system, JurisTechne enables law firms to deliver better outcomes for their clients and help more victims of crime receive the compensation they deserve.

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